Tuesday, 27 April 2010


urgh, im in my music lecture and its the most pointless thing ever...

i have too much work to do to sit and watch a clip of a wank film with tom cruise in

i really really really want all this work to be over with now please? (or at least my music)

Thursday, 22 April 2010

this n that

Well i woke up stupidly early this morning cos i needed a pee n then just couldn't get back to sleep, urgh annoying, n its been too long since I've been on here, I've literally been too busy to do anything these past few weeks.
My work experience at The Times was pretty much the best thing ever......after just five days I didn't want to leave annnd I got ALOT of free stuff which pretty much topped it off nicely.Unfortunately I'm STILL putting off doing work, which considering hand ranges from 1 week to 3 weeks i reallllly need to pull my finger out and get a move on, deep down i know it'll get done in time (i think)
One thing of use i have managed to do this week however is pick options for next year, scary stuff. I've vowed to myself that next year I'm not going to procrastinate since the work load looks like pretty much the worst thing ever...after telling fay this she just gave me a look, i know what she meant and shes probably right ha, time will tell....

Thursday, 8 April 2010

tomorrow i will be

here :)
with a generous amount of money to spend. oh yes.
tomorrow i'll blog more than just a line and inform you all of my (fingers crossed) glorious finds.

Monday, 5 April 2010


me and my mother dearest decided to get our bake on this evening and made chocolate chip muffins.....they were beaut! they were devilishly homemade looking...'think the pie on the lurpak advert' i noted down the recipie and will be sure to pass it onto a certain sweet toothed friend of mine.

they may not be round, but they look pretty good, eh?

i'm annoyed to say the least...

i've just tried to book my train ticket for when i go to London for my work experience at the times, it only costs £34 which as far as train prices go isnt too bad. however the only option of sending me the tickets was next day delivery at £6...bugger that. i've decided to leave it for now and book it another day (when it'l no doubt cost alot more than £34) but i just cant bring myself to pay £6 for something i do not even need the next day.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

my first blog

So i have a blog. these words im typing should be going towards the pile of uni work i have to do, however this seemed like a better idea. im sure il think differently in a months time.

it took me 3 attempts to create this blog, that little code word you have to type in got me! this was probably a sign to stop procrastinating and do some work.

oh well.