Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Bye Bye

Yesterday was a weird day, I spent most of it helping my nan throw away and packing up most of the contents of her house shes lived in for well over 40 years. She lives in a big 3 bedroom house and unfortunally as the years have passed, on her own. Its a big old house for an 84 year old and it became too much for her so the council have decided to move her into a little bungalow.

Whilst shes more than happy to move, its the memories she doesnt want to leave behind. And I feel exactly the same. When I think of my childhood alot of the memories I hold are from that house, since I was born I have lived in 3 different houses (5 if you include uni) while you can never beat the home comforts of your own house I always felt more attatched to my nans house. I watched more pingu episodes in that house than should've been allowed.

It was pretty heartbreaking having to throw most of what shes accumulated over the years into bin bags, I salvaged what I could for myself and my nan was pretty ruthless in what she kept and what she threw. She moves next weekend and slowly but surely she's getting there, and without sounding cheesy as fuck...heres to many more happy memories in her bungalow :)
the cute tablecloth and pillow cases i took.

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