Friday, 29 April 2011

I would go out tonight but I havent got a stich to wear

Morrisey I couldn't have put it better myself!

Why is it us girls are NEVER happy with whats in our wardrobes when planning an outfit for a night out? Unless its new of course...

What stops us loving that Topshop dress we spent too much of our student loan on? Then preceded to wear everyday for a week after that... Well I suppose that's just it! We've worn everything too much. I'm definitely no exception to this. Its like a good song, or a hilarious YouTube clip. Once you've heard it too many times or watched it over and over again it tends to become boring. Now I'm not suggesting we wear something once, throw it away and scour the high street for a whole new wardrobe...especially as in only a matter of weeks I will be an unemployed graduate (how utterly depressing) but I AM suggesting we restrict wearing something new day in day out....lets try and wait at least a week eh? I'm not sure whether this will make me feel like I actually have anything to wear or if I'll still have the mentality of 'oh this is old I don't wanna wear it' but with the state of my bank balance at the moment its worth a shot...

Monday, 25 April 2011

Paris in the Sping part duex

After my recent trip to Paris its safe to say I have fallen in love with the city. With temperatures reaching 27 degrees and the whole city in bloom it would have been hard not to!

It was in a word beautiful...

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Paris in the Spring

Bonjour, tomorrow I go to Paris with my best friend.

A bientot.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

London Calling

I want to move to London.

How many people must utter that sentence a day? Now before you start thinking 'so does everyone', I dont want to live there because its 'cool' its simply where I need to be for my career. I went to university in Southampton, which I loved, I made friends for life down there but its just not the city I want to start my life in. Dont get me wrong its not that bad, but unless your interests include cruise ships and titanic memorials is not really got alot else going for it. Sorry Southampton but we'll always have those three years! Back at home I live in a small county called Rutland located in the East Midlands, my nearest city is Leicester which is about 15 miles away. Now I'm probablly going to start sounding really fussy here but both Leicester and Rutland have a big red cross through them too. The town I live in is one of the smallest in England...most villages are bigger than it! Whilst there are wonderful antique shops, cute little cafes and about three pubs per person, for an aspiring fashion journalist it just doesnt cut it. Of course saying 'I want to move to London' is a lot easier than actually doing so. The one thing standing in my way is money...or the lack of it! Heres to the next couple of years saving my arse off.


This weekend I'm going to Liverpool to celebrate my best friends 21st Birthday. The celebrations will involve a house party, a Japanese meal and a night out over the space of two days. I decided with all thats going on I deserve at least one new dress, Topshop was my obvious choice, especially given I have a £15 gift voucher. After alot of searching and calling up every shop in a 20 mile radius of me to make sure they had the dress instore (since when have you not been allowed to use gift cards online?) the lucky winner is.... This gorgeous little number

At only £19, thanks to the aid of my voucher, how could I resist?