Friday, 29 April 2011

I would go out tonight but I havent got a stich to wear

Morrisey I couldn't have put it better myself!

Why is it us girls are NEVER happy with whats in our wardrobes when planning an outfit for a night out? Unless its new of course...

What stops us loving that Topshop dress we spent too much of our student loan on? Then preceded to wear everyday for a week after that... Well I suppose that's just it! We've worn everything too much. I'm definitely no exception to this. Its like a good song, or a hilarious YouTube clip. Once you've heard it too many times or watched it over and over again it tends to become boring. Now I'm not suggesting we wear something once, throw it away and scour the high street for a whole new wardrobe...especially as in only a matter of weeks I will be an unemployed graduate (how utterly depressing) but I AM suggesting we restrict wearing something new day in day out....lets try and wait at least a week eh? I'm not sure whether this will make me feel like I actually have anything to wear or if I'll still have the mentality of 'oh this is old I don't wanna wear it' but with the state of my bank balance at the moment its worth a shot...

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